United trust, one of the best NGOs in Tamil Nadu is a non-profit social service organization for the disabled, elderly, abandoned, and mentally ill persons It has been functioning with success with the view to help these uncared people since 1995. Our NGO is recognized for providing the elderly with a positive atmosphere, both physically and mentally, where they may experience their new life to the fullest. We Look after those who are neglected by their own families. We look after the physical and emotional well-being of the elderly. Apart from providing facilities including food and a separate bed, the organization also has an active medical team to take care of the elderly. It facilitates possibilities for those with disabilities and others who are underserved to stay up with the rest of society. United Trust is looking forward to extending and embracing the country’s rural populations, significantly improving the socio-economic status of disabled people. We support those old-age people who have no place to go and no one to look up to. We can be there when you can’t help your aging parents and other elderly family members live their golden years. We provide a diverse spectrum of health care services catering to the different needs and means for the elders. Our mission revolves around the care of the mentally challenged, as well as elderly, and underprivileged people. We want to make a huge, incredible, and maximally impactful difference in their lives. Today, United Trust stands being the best NGO in Tamilnadu that supports the livelihood needs of persons with disabilities and people from underprivileged backgrounds organization also facilitates direct livelihood opportunities to hundreds of persons with disabilities through its Social Enterprises.


Livelihood is a set of activities which is essential to everyday life. The United Social Welfare Trust aims to help the communities to generate value added programs that would generate income and to make the people help sustaining. The Trust also organises Skill developments programs for the youth in weaving, tailoring, computer programme, organic farming etc to earn through self employment.

United Orphanage is a renowned NGO in Tamilnadu established in the year 1995 by a benevolent social savior Dr. Radhakrishnan. His versatility in works invariably inspires the young generations of today’s world. Dr. Radhakrishnan is an eminent social worker, freelance journalist, teacher, and regional reporter. His optimistic thoughts of him imparted marked transformation in poor and homeless people. He wishes the good of others with selflessness and charity.

As a Non-governmental Organization, the United charity operates independently of any government and is organized in communities to achieve a social goal such as fulfilling humanitarian needs or environmental change factors. We are run by private funding sources for the welfare of the homeless elders. Make your contributions for the betterment of society. The smile and happiness, when returned by charitable works, are priceless!

NGO in Tamilnadu and its importance

Even today, people are suffering to acquire basic necessities such as food, clothing, health, housing, and education. Thus NGOs are trying to fill out the economic differences and enhance the monetary balance among people in Tamilnadu. The social worksEmphasizing that equality is the soul of liberty!

Functions of United Orphanage as NGO in Tamilnadu

The most significant function of an NGO is to address the social problems around the world and bring social change for the betterment of people and the progress of society. With noble causes and dedication towards serving mankind, United Orphanage with its enthusiastic service has rehabilitated almost 14,000+ people’s lives over its 25 years of existence in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu.

Boost Government Efficiency

As the government discharges its responsible duties concerning the problems and solving them, Similarly NGOs are also allowed to make suggestions and improvements in government policies by their research and experience.

Sustainable development

An NGO in Tamilnadu can easily adapt to the local environment and give personalized assistance to the local population. Unlike the government they are not hampered by some factors, they are flexible with the speed of action for initiating social projects.

Women Empowerment

NGOs empower women through various welfare programs and evoke their leadership qualities. NGO in Tamilnadu and women empowerment have come a long way fighting and resolving problems against social issues for women. United Trust has implemented women’s welfare programs to break down gender inequalities and the upliftment of individualistic women in society.

Our welfare programmes

Welfare programs are specially designed to protect the citizens from the economic risks and insecurities in life. Social assistance has been shown to strengthen the power of low economic people and raise their material standards of living. The main motive is to ‘ Give to the ones in need’

Outreach programmes

Over the years, United orphanage, an NGO in Tamilnadu has organized numerous welfare programs for elder people at home and in society. Some are as follows,

  • We tie-up with hospitals to provide health care checkups in rural areas. The orphanage has conducted several medical camps for the needy.
  • United Trust has conducted several awareness programs based on a clean environment, cultivation of organic vegetables, sanitation, health, etc.
  • The implemented plans such as Mobile Clinic services, Mental health care services, health action programs for college students are remarkable in society.
  • With over 275 programs, most of them are innovative and helpful among the public. This initiation has widened the perspectives of people for better livelihood.
  • Dr.Radhakrishnan believes that the information and learnings through these programs will reach and benefit a huge number of people.

Women empowerment programmes

Educate women! Empower women! They succeed beyond societal thoughts! Among 15,000+ rural villages in Tamilnadu, the female literacy rate is around 64% which is less than urban female literacy. Our NGO in Tamilnadu provides opportunities for women to stay financially independent with projects such as tailoring classes for rural women, mushroom cultivation projects, dairy development programs, and so on. Awareness programs on topics like women’s rights in the workplace, strengthening their health systems were much beneficial to changing their lifestyle.

Rural development programmes

As the best NGO in Tamilnadu, our rural development programs include sanitation & healthcare, Organic farming, Mushroom cultivation projects, establishing rural libraries, promoting basic computer literacy, sports day for the differently-abled persons, safe & hygienic housing, counseling for children & parents, and so on to make the dreams come true of India’s vital population.

Environmental safety programs
As far as improving the necessities of people, safeguarding our environment is also essential. We are committed to aware people of cleanliness through various programs like rainwater harvesting, soil erosion, tree plantation, air pollution, global warming, deforestation, etc., Join hands to save the environment with NGOs in Tamilnadu!

Child education programmes

This program is mainly focused on children of unprivileged families. We provide educational support for children from standard 1 to 9. Besides formal education, they are enlightened with life skill activities with some visits to banks, post offices, panchayat offices, and celebrations like festivals to understand the real-world scenarios.

Our ongoing development programs

From the year 2020 to 2022, our positive space was towards agriculture and related topics. Our future proposal topics are based on agronomy, horticulture, dairy, poultry, bee-keeping, plastic recycling, tissue culture, and silkworm cultivation.

United Orphanage, best NGO in Tamilnadu

Loaded up with more than 25 years of excellence, United Orphanage has bagged countless awards and recognitions. Some of them are as follows,

  • Mahatma Gandhi memorial award in the year 1995.
  • Outstanding achievements award in 1998
  • Won state and national awards for the best institution
  • As a veteran social worker in Tamilnadu , Dr. Radhakrishnan was awarded as ‘Best Social Worker’ in Tamilnadu in 2003.
  • In 2012, United Orphanage was honored with the ‘Best Organization Award’ from the Tamilnadu government for the welfare of differently-abled persons.

As time flew by, United home, a charitable trust Tamilnadu, served abandoned and disabled persons with shelter, food, hospitality, care, and support. Join hands with us to transform someone’s dark moment with a blaze of light. We rise by lifting others!