United Charitable Trust was founded in 1995 by Dr. Radhakrishnan with the vision of helping uncared-for people. He is a social worker who consistently helps the needy and poor people. The trust is outlined to accomplish a nation change which has been the objective of many great people It started to work for the people who are truly under the clutches of poverty and social backwardness. Our charitable trust is designed for older people and according to their needs by providing social, physical, medical support, and emotional support. It is worked by a voluntary Board of Trustees and enrolls the administrations of many professionals, free of charge. They are provided with good shelter, clothing, food, and medical facilities, with love and affection. Our Mission is to enact human values by giving service as an act of love to expand the awareness of all people acknowledging the Divinity of All. United Charitable Trust’s Activities raise awareness by assisting people to gain basic requirements for their lives. It also tries its best to take care of these elders’ physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, to provide them with comfortable living. At this age of their life, they should be taken care of and made to feel special. A family-like atmosphere is made inside the community of the shelter homes. The main objective of the trust is to eradicate hunger and poverty from society. Our goal is to provide a healthy and friendly environment to abandoned elder people. We provide basic requirements to the elderly. We continue to work toward our aim of bringing the rural poor together to establish a better future for themselves.

United Orphanage and charitable trust in Tamilnadu, serving abandoned elders and disabled persons since 1995. The best charity in the world is providing shelter for the needy. It is one of the best non-profit and Non-government organizations in Tamilnadu. On account of their 25 years’ excellence for the welfare of the people in Tamilnadu, they were accorded with several central and state governments awards.

It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving. United Orphanage is functioning with love and compassion for all the elderly people and disabled people over there. The main features of a charitable trust in Tamilnadu are

Ideal shelter for elders

United Orphanage for old age provides clean and tidy rooms for aged and disabled people. Their rooms will be cleaned and maintained by caretakers every day. They are provided with cots, beds and other basic amenities for their peaceful livelihood. Washrooms are kept attached to their dormitories or rooms as most of them are elderly people. Caregivers will help out for the elders who have difficulty with mobility.

Food for Homeless

Food will be prepared and provided thrice a day so that the orphans can lead a healthy life. Nutrient-rich, less spicy foods are provided within the premises. Orphans can enjoy a gratifying meal each day. Food can be delivered to their rooms if necessary. A large dining hall is situated within the premises to take their meal. In the case of any orphans with particular diseases or ailments, food is prepared based on their prescribed diet patterns. United Orphanage is one such charitable trust in Tamilnadu that feeds with love for neglected people.

Excellence in Hospitality

The staff working in United Orphanage are kind and gentle in taking care of elderly and disabled people. They will understand and help them with their needs and wants anytime. Even in case of emergencies at untimely hours, the caregivers can get them to hospitals at the right time. The staff will protect them from major dangers and support them to live their span of life with comfort and joy. United Orphanage is considered the best charitable trust in Tamilnadu by excellent hospitality providers.

Care and Support

One person caring about another represents the greatest value of life. As most of the orphans are elders, they need special care and support. They will cherish the smallest attention, small talks and time spent with them. Our staff are so friendly with orphans and engage them with laughter and happiness. We believe that every elder deserves a positive and good life.


United Orphanage is located at Kurumbapalayam, outskirts of Coimbatore an elegant and calm area to lead peaceful final days for elderly people. The elders feel pleasant evenings as they sit at home. United Orphanage charitable trust in Tamilnadu, provides a positive atmosphere to hope for a better living in the approaching years.


United Trust is a fully protected area that ensures 100% safety for orphans. We appointed security guards at entrances to check on the in and out persons of the orphanage all over the day. There are certain limited visiting hours for elders. Our caregivers always keep an eye on the elders’ activities. Without proper acknowledgment, none can enter or exit the premises.

Recreational activities for Orphans

The United Charitable trust in Tamilnadu not only takes care of elders and the disabled but also conducts several outreach programs like medical camps, awareness camps, workshops, seminars, welfare and development programs for the well-being of people. The elders who are interested in such activities can join these programs as per their wish.

Medical Camps

United charitable trust in Tamilnadu organizes several medical activities and camps. Under this Covid pandemic situation, they conducted a vaccination camp for the orphans. As per the rules and regulations of the Tamilnadu government, every orphan obtained complete vaccination for their safety. We care for their safety!

Additional activities

United Orphanage not only lends a hand to the homeless, but they also perform several engaging activities to help the people of weaker economic sections. As a remarkable charitable trust in Tamilnadu, they are empowering women welfare by various projects and programs such as

  • Tailoring classes to rural and poor women
  • Mushroom cultivation projects
  • Dairy development program
  • Health and medical campaigns
  • Awareness towards Organic cultivation
  • Establishing rural libraries and so on

‘It’s not how much you do, but how much you put into what you do that counts’ Although they are engaged in so many activities their contentment of love and robust euphoria is the same from the way back since the foundation of the trust.

The splendid United Charitable trust in Tamilnadu was founded by Dr. Radhakrishnan, a versatile person and social worker with 28+ years of experience has been awarded as a best social worker by Dr. J. Jayalalitha. His phenomenal thoughts and rational views have changed people’s lives and brought smiles to their faces.

Apart from social service, Dr. Radhakrishnan is an eminent writer in Tamilnadu and as a mark of his literary works, he published 102 books. He is a multi-talented personality well-versed in journalism too. He is an active member of the Press club Coimbatore and Tamilnadu working journalist association.

Join hands to improve United charitable trust Tamilnadu

Your little contribution can give many years of life to someone. If you people are interested in volunteering activities such as providing camps, seminars, welfare programs,etc., you can visit our orphanage in Tamilnadu at any time. If you are a social worker or you are interested in contributing donations or sponsors to our orphans, we are happy to receive your support for the well-being of elders. We rise by lifting others!